School Based Program

Bring back memories and return to elementary school for one hour each week!  In this program, volunteers and children are matched in one-to-one relationships and visit with each other for one hour weekly during the regular school day at a local elementary school.  Visits are scheduled on a set day/time each week.  During this hour, the match activities might include eating lunch together, playing Monopoly, reading together, playing outside, doing homework, or hanging out and talking.  Please note that you must be able to travel to an elementary school during the school day (8:00-2:00) and visit with a child for an hour.

Commitment:  one school year, one hour weekly.

Age requirement to volunteer:  16

Availability: Roanoke City Schools, Salem City Schools, and Pulaski County Schools

Interested in participating in our School Based Program? Fill out the form below or email Natanis DeMascio at