Oliver Hill Mentoring

The Oliver Hill mentoring Program is named in honor of Oliver W. Hill, a Roanoke native and civil rights attorney at the forefront of public school desegregation. His values of equality and education are the core principles of the Oliver Hill Mentoring Program.

What it’s about
In this program, volunteers and children are matched in one-to-one relationships and visit with each other for one hour weekly at the Oliver Hill house. During the hour, match activities might include playing board games, visiting the library, doing homework, taking part in special interest programs, or simply hanging out and talking.

401 Gilmer Ave NW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Additional volunteer opportunities at the Oliver Hill Mentoring Program include:

TutorAn hour-long homework session will be held at the OHMP site on Mon-Thurs afternoons and  volunteers are needed to assist students as they complete assignments. Homework assignments might include practicing spelling words, reading a book, or doing a math worksheet. 

Special Interest PresenterEach week the OHMP hosts a different speaker to present a special skill or interest to the group of Littles.  A presenter might discuss his/her career, a unique skill, or an educational topic.  A volunteer is asked to give one presentation on four consecutive days (Mon-Thurs).

AmbassadorIn order to obtain more volunteers and donations, we need the help of a volunteer Ambassador to educate the community about the OHMP.  An ambassador could raise awareness by distributing informational trading cards, hosting an information session at his/her workplace or church, and/or displaying the BBBS poster in his/her office.

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