Match Makers

 Monthly Giving is, without a doubt, the most influential way to donate to BBBS.



Consistent monthly revenue allows us to serve and support matches efficiently throughout the year. Our role as the agency is to support Bigs and Littles’ relationships so they can make the most impact on the life of the Little. Steady funding will achieve our mission by empowering us to sponsor match outings, spend more time on programming, and ensure that children are matched safely.

Thank you to our First 50 Match Makers, who founded the Match Makers monthly giving program.



Dr. Jackie Scruggs Taylor Lindsey Ward June House Debbie Whorley Dr. Virginia Powel
David Nixon Steve Jamison Gene Thompson Katina Hamlar Cyndi Stultz
Scott Wise Leigh Dunnagan Jesse Novak Roy Carter Sally Seagraves
Margaret-Hunter Wade George Seagraves Jed Dennison The Kehoe Family Ginger Keffer
Keith Liles Kimberly Thompson John Richardson Dave Henry Ben and Courtney Sundell
Rebecca Waterfield Dan and Magen Lovern Janet Jonas Sarah Wall Kay Thompson
Marva Casey Merle Casey Sara Bohn Hamlar Curtis Funeral Home Carla Poindexter
Tina Cannon Lauren Harris Jackie Smith Mason & Stephannie McLeod Robin Claris
Louis Jamison Chris Whitley Sarah Adams Amber Stanley Natanis DeMascio
Elesa L. Binner Pamela McGrath O’Conner Ed and Katherine Smith  Beth Reedy  Marcus Wade

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